Monday, September 27, 2010

In Ottawa this weekend I attended a Police Memorial for Const. Ireneuz Czapnik, who was killed while working, he was stabbed to death outside of the Ottawa Hospital on December 29. This was also the National Police and Peace officers Memorial Service which was held on Sunday Sept. 26, 2010.

From top ( An officer fainted while attending the Memorial and was carried off by fellow officers for medical assistance.)
(A couple uses the umbrella to block the wind and drizzle while attending the Memorial at the Parliament building in Ottawa, Ontario.)
(Officer Maronese stands tall during the Canadian National Anthem during the National Police and Peace officers memorial service)
( A young woman is attended to on a stretcher after suffering a seizure at the end of the service)

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  1. Pretty good captures from Ottawa. I don't remember seeing anybody fainting. It must have been kept under wraps real well. Post more often, write more. Cheers.